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Social Media

We bring the "Social" back to Social Media

Remember when customers were greeted with a smile? Business was conducted with a handshake?

Those days are still here — but now some smiles and handshakes are part of social media conversations.

Whether you are a social media professional that needs support or a beginner just thinking about adding social media to your marketing efforts, we can help. We offer great packages with our flat-rate pricing starting at just $150 per week. No surprise bills. No unwanted services. No kidding.Contact usor call 480-825-1137 to find out what we can write for you today!

Social Media Packages:

Complete Maintenance

It's like having your own social media department! Includes everything you need to build and maintain an effective presence on social media.
Includes Ghost Posting and Analytics Reports Packages PLUS:

  • Unlimited posts on all channels – Take advantage of spot news and trends as they happen
  • Continuous follower surveillance – no unwanted followers or posts
  • Continuous curated follows – Follow those organizations and individuals that share your market
  • Customized users manual (if needed)

Ghost Posting

Have all your social media in place but just can’t find the time to post? Let us do your tweeting, liking, sharing and following for you!

  • Posts, retweets and shares based on your media calendar and target market
  • One (1) post per day on ALL of your platforms – build a consistent presence
  • Research on your industry trends, targeted hashtags
  • Additional posts (includes ALL platforms) = $25/week

Analytics Reports

We review each platform, each post so you know what worked — and what did not!

  • Summary reports on each platform, including impressions, new followers
  • Detailed reports on platform specifics, including which individual posts performed the best

Platform build-outs

Let us create a social media presence for you on the platforms you want for one low fee! We give you everything you need to get you going on social media.

  • Platform set up
  • Branded handles
  • Logo optimization
  • Up to 10 curated follows – Follow those organizations and individuals that share your market
  • Customized users manual
  • Three (3) initial posts on the new channel